VE Day Celebrations in Walsgrave-on-Sowe, near Coventry, 8 May 1945   Leave a comment

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Walsgrave-on-Sowe, Coventry

The children of Walsgrave School were given two days holiday. The School log book entry for 10th May is as follows:

“Attendance 125; a.m., 149; p.m. Children had overslept or been sick after late night of Victory celebrations.”

Charlie Parker, a local resident, told in 1986, of how the whole village “… had a street party. Aye they celebrated! Somebody said they rang the Walsgrave bells on VE Day. Perhaps they did… but they only rang four of them, they didn’t ring five, because I broke the wheel on one of them in 1936 or 37…” The following names were added to the War Memorial (see the drawing by Baptist minister, Rev Arthur J Chandler):


Stanley Beaufoy

Leonard Brown

Roland Bush

Bernard Gardener

Samuel Goff

David Harley

Joseph Marsh

Edward Symcox

Donald Ward.


(From:’Walsgrave Remembered’, Walsgrave Community History Project, 1987.)

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