The Fires of Perfect Liberty: Labouring Men and Women of England, 1851-1951: Part Four   Leave a comment

Reblogged for Remembrance Sunday…

Andrew James

Part Four: Tommies, Tars, Munitions Workers and Soldier-Poets, 1906-1921.

009Two scenes from April 1914, one from Suffolk and the other from Shropshire, begin the Acts of war and change which the next four and more years wrought in British society and its English regions. First, to Felixstowe, which flared, quite literally, into the national morning newspapers with the report of a previous night’s fire which had completely gutted the resort’s most exclusive hotel, the Bath Hotel. Arson was immediately suspected, particularly when leaflets were picked up which had been scattered around the building, stating There can be no peace until women get the vote and No vote means war. A few days later two visitors to the town, Hilda Burkett (31) and Florence Tunks (26) were arrested and charged with the crime. During their various judicial hearings the two women behaved in a manner calculated to cause the maximum disruption…

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